We create custom-molded fiberglass linings for truck, trailer and van bodies. Our fiberglass linings are idea for temperature sensitive cargo transfer. Our commitment to building well-built and dependable products dates back to our beginning in 1913.

The Early Years, 1913-1929

In 1913, an Italian immigrant named Frank Siviglia opened a Blacksmith business in lower Manhattan. Siviglia’s business manufactured horse-drawn wagons and wheels. Early customers included local food peddlers and the New York City Fire Department. Siviglia acquired a reputation for well-constructed and dependable products. In the 1920‘s, his focus shifted to manufacturing custom truck bodies as the automobile replaced the wagon as the preferred method of delivery transportation.

A Family Business, 1930-1949

The growing Siviglia business moved to the East side of Manhattan, catering mainly to the dairy industry. Frank Siviglia’s two sons, Nicholas and Joseph, began working for the company at the ages of 12 and 15. A family business was established — a business that would be passed down to future generations.

During the 1940’s, the business specialized in insulated truck bodies manufactured of wood framing, cork insulation, and galvanized steel. The operation grew, with a continued focus in the dairy industry.

Technology Evolves, 1950-1969

In the 1950’s, the Siviglia sons introduced molded fiberglass linings. Panel trucks were lined to protect vehicle interiors to accommodate demand in the seafood industry. Truck bodies were manufactured in steel frames, aluminum outside skins with fiberglass-type insulation and molded fiberglass inner linings. As the decade progressed, the business tripled in size.

In the 1960‘s, advancements in technology and materials provided the introduction of polyurethane foam insulation. Truck bodies were manufactured from steel frames, aluminum outer skins, spray-in place-polyurethane foam insulation and molded interior fiberglass linings. The process of using polyurethane and fiberglass linings extended to panel trucks, cargo vans and other vehicles.

Van Shield is Born, 1970-1989

The lining of cargo vans and similar type vehicles emerged as the main focus to the company’s business model during the 1970’s. The product was trademarked and named, “Van Shield®” With distribution partners established, The Siviglia’s sold their product throughout the northeast region and other parts of the US. In addition to Van Shield®, the business manufactured hydraulic liftgates, auxiliary fuel tanks and mass produced dry freight truck bodies.

The delivery transportation industry changed in the 1980’s as small companies were replaced by larger manufacturers. The larger manufacturers supplied the industry with cheap disposable truck bodies and reliability declined. Siviglia & Sons maintained their commitment to quality, continued to market their Van Shield® product and established distribution along the Northeastern Seaboard. The business began manufacturing small insulated truck bodies for use in pickup trucks, called “Slip-in Bodies.”

Distribution Expands, 1990-2009

During the 1990’s, Van Shield® continued to grow at a steady rate throughout the Northeast. Our line continued expanding with new products using the Van Shield technology, including towable trailers for food storage, delivery and catering at remote locations.

Today, the sales of cargo vans, slip-in and small truck bodies continue to grow under the guidance of Nicolas Siviglia Jr, Frank Siviglia’s grandson. Van Shield® clients now include valued customers such as Edible Arrangements, Otis Spunkmeyer, Boar’s Head, Gordon Food Service, Carrier and the U.S. Army. To this day, the company’s commitment remains the same as it did in 1913 — a commitment to manufacturing durable and dependable best-of-breed products.