Van Shield is a custom-molded, resin-coated, fiberglass reinforced plywood lining for delivery fleet vehicles. Van Shield is designed to protect straight van type bodies and trailers up to 45’ from corrosion and excessive wear and tear.

Van Shield Technology

In just three steps, VAN SHIELD forms an inner, impermeable cell to increase the life of your van body. Protect your van body from wet or leaking materials that can cause corrosion and rot. Eliminate unnecessary downtime and untimely destruction. With VAN SHIELD, you’ll run a cleaner, more efficient delivery operation.


Only exterior-grade marine-type plywood is used to construct a durable, moisture-resistant foundation for your VAN SHIELD. Our plywood has a naturally high insulation value, higher than aluminum or steel.

The plywood is bolted onto the walls in 1/4” thickness, covering them fully or partially, depending upon the size lining required. 5/8” thickness is bolted onto the floor for extra durability. A reinforced front bulkhead can be specified at this time.


Fiberglass is light, it’s very tough, and when it’s combined with resin, it can be sprayed on to provide a seamless, snag-free interior and a barrier to corrosion.

Sprayed in a 1/8’ thickness on walls and in a 3/16” thickness on the floor, fiberglassing gives you rolled seams and corners- no place for debris to collect. When you specify ramped door edges, galvanized steel is imbedded before the fiberglass sets for this purpose.

Door panels are constructed separately and are bolted on, making door repair and replacement simple and convenient.

Resin Coating

Color- impregnated resin coating is VAN SHIELD’s “finishing touch”, forming a glossy impermeable seal to the entire surface area. In this process, the resin coating creates a nonporous, smooth finish to prevent odors and spills from soaking in and to make cleaning easy.

Light scratches and gouges won’t be readily visible since the color in the resin goes all the way through. Resin coating will never flake, chip or peel like paint.

Insulated Van Shield – for Perishable Cargo Delivery and Storage

An Insulated VAN SHIELD will maintain extreme temperatures by acting as a barrier to the outside climate, as well as a barrier to corrosive or unsanitary matter. Depending upon the size of the refrigeration unit used, the Insulated VAN SHIELD can provide refrigerated delivery on a short-term, over-the-road basis, or for overnight, weekend, or longer stand-by storage space.

The Insulated VAN SHIELD is constructed using the standard VAN SHIELD process, but begins with these first two steps:

1. Insulation Preparation First the van is frames out with wood studding and covered with marine-type plywood. The wheel wells are boxed out (tires produce a lot of heat), and the front bulkhead is reinforced to accommodate the refrigeration unit and protect the driver. On larger vans, furring strips cross-frame the studs to minimize the contact points between the van wall and the VAN SHIELD wall, reducing heat transfer.

2.Polyurethane Foam Polyurethane foam, on of the most efficient insulation materials available is sprayed in a 3” thickness. Since it’ applied in liquid form, it conforms to any shape and fills all gaps through which heat transfer could occur.